There is currently a bug which causes keys / locks to stop working after a server restart. Here’s a couple steps which can help repair your broken lock:

  • Hit door with rock or hatchet (lock should turn green)
  • Open and close the door
  • Click lock (nothing will happen)
  • Hit with hammer to repair hatchet damage
  • The door will lock (lock will be red)

This may not work everytime, but we’ve seen some success in getting otherwise broken locks to function. Credit to Rustafied for the info.

We currently have 2 Rust servers up and running. Please check them out and if you see Giro around give him a big thank you for hosting and setting them up!

100 Slot Server. This server is also running a plugin to get a more basic starter kit. Kit, basic stats, etc.

Over at the Rustafied blog they have posted a new guide I suggest you check out:

Rustafied – Damage, armor and you: a comprehensive guide

It goes over the new armor and weapons and what damage they mitigate and dish out. Couple things that are very interesting: The hatchet seems to be the best melee weapon in the game, damage from guns is based on the bullet and not the gun itself (rifle rounds do up to twice the damage of a pistol bullet), and hazmat suite appears to increase the amount of damage you take while wearing it.

Check out the guide for more detailed info.

A new blog has popped up to track the “pulse” of Rust. This guy is doing a great job keeping up with all the different things going on with Rust right now. If you want to keep up with all the updates with a nice summary Rustified is the place to look.

As he notes in his latest post there have been a lot of exciting changes in the past couple days. They have not pushed the updates to the client yet but hopefully they will be very soon.

For those of you that do not know, the developers of rust abandoned updates to the original version of Rust (which they now call legacy). They have been hard at work on a re-written version they refer to as experimental. This version has come a long way and is inching closer and closer to a playable game every single day. I wanted to make this post to inform people about the different ways the development team is keeping people up do date on their progress. I’ve had a lot of fun following their progress, I’ve never seen a development team be so public about their process.

The first place to see progress is on Face Punch’s official blog Here they have been posting a weekly blog about the progress of the experimental branch of the game.

The second place to get info is their Trello boards they have made public. These list the items they are currently working on and items they have finished.

They are also tweeting every time they commit a change to their code on the RustUpdates twitter handle. This gets down to pretty insane detail, but if you’re into that kind of thing it’s really interesting to watch.

If you want to join in on the discussion about Rust and where it’s going the Rust sub-reddit is a great place as well as the Rust Forum on Face Punch’s official site.

If you are not aware, you can try the experimental version of the game at any time. Just choose that option when you launch Rust. It’s updated on a daily basis, so basically as soon as you see something was committed you can try it out in game.


The latest patch for the PC version of Battlefield 4 is being rolled out now.

The patch should be applied automatically, but can be triggered manually from the “check for updates” screen found by right-clicking on Battlefield 4 from the Origin client.

Included in the latest patch are various fixes for “general stability,” a plugged memory leak, and normalized repair rates across all vehicles.

The release of the PC patch should be the first of a wave of Battlefield 4 patches across multiple platforms, with DICE saying last week these platforms should receive patches throughout January.

DICE’s full patch notes for the Battlefield 4 January 13 PC update are below:

Various fixes for improving general stability
Fixed a memory leak issue occurring after level shutdowns, which could result in a out-of-memory crash in longer play sessions
Additional fix for the “sound loop” deadlock when running High/Ultra graphics settings
Added a warning for using Legacy AMD drivers that were out of date
Fixed a player feedback timing issue where blood was appearing before other damage indicators, and before damage was actually done
Fixed a bug where players’ rank icons on the scoreboard would not be updated
Fix for Asian users unable to start Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 on Windows 8.1
Normalized repair rates across all vehicles
Fixed problem with killer health in kill card not being correctly updated (showing 100% health even though the soldier was hurt)
Fix for friendly marker not always showing when needed to, resulting in players shooting team members
Fixed a bug where a Main Battle Tank Coaxial HMG ammo box was occasionally blocking the driver’s camera
Increased damage by 25% for the Stealth Jet 20mm cannons.
Stealth Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other. F35 & J-20 are slightly more agile, Su-50 is less agile.
Attack Jets now have more similar handling attributes to each other, and all 3 are now slightly less agile than earlier
Fixed camera glitch when switching weapons while moving in crouch
Fixed an occasional bug where players could experience intermittent engine sound dropouts when driving wheeled IFVs
Fix for player spawning under the map when deploying on Lancang Dam
Fixed flickering in map and minimap on Rogue Transmission and Operation Locker

Extreme Primal Battles
Feeding on crystals, drinking the life force of Hydaelyn herself, the primals continue to plague the people of Eorzea.
Time and again adventurers have vanquished the primals. And yet with each defeat, the beast tribes would only grow more fervent in their prayers, that their deities may grow stronger.
The primals will soon answer the pleas of their children, bringing with them a force unlike any other.

The Howling Eye (Extreme)
Level Requirement Disciples of War or Magic level 50
Item Level Requirement Average item level 65 or above
Party Size Eight players
Time Limit 60 minutes
Quest Name Galeforce Warning
Quest Prerequisites Players must first complete the quest “Primal Nature.”*
* In order to undertake the quest “Primal Nature,” players must first clear the quest “In a Titan Spot” and clear The Navel (Hard).

The Navel (Extreme)
Level Requirement Disciples of War or Magic level 50
Item Level Requirement Average item level 67 or above
Party Size Eight players
Time Limit 60 minutes
Quest Name Quake Me Up Before You O’Ghomoro
Quest Prerequisites Players must first complete the quest “Galeforce Warning.”

The Bowl of Embers (Extreme)
Level Requirement Disciples of War or Magic level 50
Item Level Requirement Average item level 70 or higher
Party Size Eight players
Time Limit 60 minutes
Quest Name Ifrit Ain’t Broke
Quest Prerequisites Players must first complete the quest “Quake Me Up Before You O’Ghomoro.”

Good King Moggle Mog XII
Legend holds that, in a time long forgotten, mooglekind abided in the heavens as loyal servants of the gods.

However, a war of deific proportions would erupt, triggered by a feud over a single goblet of wine. Growing weary of the conflict, the reigning moogle monarch, Good King Moggle Mog XII, resolved to lead his people to the realm of mortals in secret, that they might again know a life of peace.

Alas, the distance to the land below proved too great for little moogle wings. After much deliberation, it was decided that the journey must be made by rope, the longest that has ever been woven. So it was that the king grasped onto one end of this lifeline as his subjects, one after the next, half clambered, half slid their way to the Promised Land. In this manner all the moogles were able to arrive at their destination, whole of body and joyous of spirit. That is, all of them save for Good King Moggle Mog XII, who had not the means to lower himself.

Mourning their lost king and touched by his sacrifice, the moogles have since abstained from naming a successor to the crown. Even now, they hold fast to the belief that their beloved monarch will one day return before them in all his might and majesty.

Level Requirement Disciples of War or Magic level 50
Item Level Requirement Average item level 54 or above
Party Size Eight players
Time Limit 60 minutes
Quest Name You Have Selected Regicide
Quest Prerequisites Players must first complete the quest “Hail to the King, Kupo.”

08be66738fa9d456e9d9857ae3f8fbc63bbcb912_4 (1)
Dethrone Good King Moggle Mog and his Mogglesguard to reap handsome rewards, kupo!